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Air Abrasion

What is KCP or Air Abrasion and how does it work?
Imagine getting your teeth prepared for filling without using needles or drills.  With KCP, we gently and with unparallel precision remove only decay and dead tissue. That leaves more of your own tooth and you get a smaller filling. Best of all - no piercing needles, no vibrating uncomfortable drills. Just listen to the music and before you know it, the preparation is complete.  

Is the Powder Safe?
Because of its abrasiveness it has been used in toothpastes for decades along with many foods and medicines. The powder is very fine, almost like a dust and as a safety precaution we do get patients to wear protective eyewear to prevent eye irritation.

Can All of My Dental Work Be Done This Way?
If cavities are small and on the chewing surfaces of back teeth or any of the front teeth, then, yes. If old plastic fillings are failing in the front or back of your mouth, then, yes. Large cavities anywhere or the removal of old silver fillings that are failing have to be done with a modified traditional method and not air abrasion.

In Summary
KCP or Air abrasion, if appropriate, is painless, does not require anesthetic, is very fast, saves tooth structure and can save the patient a lot of time and appointments to complete treatment.